Audiovox to Develop Bongiovi DSP for Expeditors, OEM

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VOXX International, parent of Audiovox Electronics, announced it finalized an agreement with AVG Inc.  to become the exclusive distributor of the Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS) for the car expeditor and OEM markets.

VOXXThe Bongiovi DPS enhances the sound of a traditional car stereo, and the deal allows Audiovox to market premium sound systems.

VOXX and AVG will also work together to develop applications for the technology for the OEM market.  And they are working on new applications for the Audiovox expeditor network, as the technology “easily integrates with both new and used cars,” said President of Audiovox Electronics, Tom Malone.

“The addition of DPS technology based applications enhances our automotive solutions for our OE partners, and will enable them to lower their acquisition costs for premium car sound while helping them differentiate their value-added solutions,” said Malone, adding, “…We believe the patented DPS technology applications can potentially change the automotive sound landscape as it provides car manufacturers with the ability to take a basic factory sound system and dramatically improve audio quality without the need to upgrade to higher-end systems. Additionally, this will resonate well with consumers who want a premium sound experience in their vehicles.”

DPS was developed by Tony Bongiovi, the critically acclaimed sound engineer and record producer for Bongiovi Acoustics. It digitally re-masters the audio signal in real-time to compensate for acoustical problems in the car.  VOXX says the technology “extends the frequency response of car speakers and maximizes the frequency-specific power distribution of a vehicle’s head-unit amplifier.”

DPS applications are also designed and tuned for the individual vehicle so they are as custom as the other OE components.

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