Boston Leaves $4M in Car Audio on Table

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Before it left the car stereo aftermarket effective this month,  Boston Acoustics was selling  a bit over $4 million worth of amps and speakers, according to two reliable industry sources.

Boston AcousticsAt its peak, Boston probably sold twice that amount, but the $4 million level, as low as it may seem, is not unusual for many smaller boutique car speaker  brands, said industry members.

Boston sold about $1 million in goods in Southern California and about $1/2 million in the Northeast, sources said.

Its exit left some retailers scrambling for new lines but other retailers are simply devoting more attention to existing lines.

Hertz is one of the bigger winners from Boston’s aftermarket exit.  The company said it has been adding retailers since Boston announced its exit in March. Dealers including Texas-based Custom Sounds, with 16-stores and Car Fi, based in Missouri–one of the original Boston Acoustics retailers–say they have switched to Hertz.

Representatives from Focal, German Maestro and JBL and Infinity also say they have added customers since Boston announced it’s exit.

Crutchfield was a key Boston retailers as was the In-Car Experts marketing/buying group.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Boston Acoustics did not leave 4 million on the table. they walked away from 4 million in revenue because there was nothing left on the table. Everyone, everywhere discontinues doing business for one reason, lack of PROFIT. As an Industry, even a community of people if you will, we all have a responsibility to stay profitable and help others stay profitable. I want people I sell to and buy from to be healthy with profit so they will be a partner for years to come. Take a stand and work for a healthy industry. Stop the race to zero. It’s not what you pay for it, its how much you sell it for.

  2. In my opinion Boston selling to Crutchfield wasn’t a very smart move. Cater to the smaller “professional” car audio shops and quit selling out to larger retailers like Crutchfield, Best Buy, etc. How many manufactures have done this and went under. If you piss off the smaller guys who were loyal to you from the beginning they will quit selling your product and never sell it again. Then your sales are solely left in the hands of the larger retailer who care less about you or your product. This happened to a line I had in my store. I brought to the area. Pushed the line and gave it a name in my area to have the manufacture sell it to Best Buy three years after I began selling it. Best buy sold it for two years and dumped it. Then my sales rep called wanting me to pick up the line again. I told him to go fly a kite! 🙂

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