Alpine Single DIN Decks Now Shipping

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Alpine Electronics of America noted that is its full lineup of four 2012 single DIN car audio decks is now shipping, including models that can control Pandora on an Android or BlackBerry phone.

Alpine CDE-HD137BT
Alpine CDE-HD137BT

This year’s line also includes 3 units with built-in HD Radio.  All units have some form of Pandora control (for either iPhone or Android or BlackBerry phones) as well as the   ability to create new stations.

To see the full lineup click here.

Source: Alpine

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  1. What happened to that unique Alpine cosmetic?? This radio looks like a dozen other brands. Also…you really need multi-line text displays in order to compete for that iPod/iPhone/sat radio customer.

  2. Good Luck Alpine with those single din head units. Uglyyyyy. 1998 called, they want their segmented LED displays back.

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