Rockford Fosgate Partners with Sanctoind Car Care

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Rockford Fosgate said it has become the exclusive audio retail distributor for Sanctiond—a brand of premium car care products designed by Mister Cartoon.

SanctiondCartoon is a cultural icon as well as a tattoo artist to stars such as Eminem and Beyonce.  Brands including Nike, Diesel, G-Shock, Stussy, Metro PCS, and Microsoft seek his expertise when developing new products, said Rockford.

“Music is as important to a car as its paint,” stated Cartoon. “My art, tattoos, and the way I design cars are all inspired by music. It’s important to me that Sanctiond partners with companies that share our lifestyle and recognize the connection between technology and art.”

The Mister Cartoon Sanctiond line is a growing series of 15 products including car wash, waxes, polishes, spray detailers, interior cleaners, conditioners, and tire shines.  It comes in hand-drawn packing and claims to include cutting edge product formulations.

The line goes on sale to car audio retailers in April.   It will also be sold through specialty automotive shops.

Source: Rockford Fosgate

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