Not Just the Radio: Auto OEMs Push Speakers

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Auto OEMs are starting  to push speakers, including “branded” speakers in  premium sound systems and they will begin using better speaker technology, said John Canali, Senior Analyst with Strategy Analytics.

Bose“Fewer consumers are purchasing expensive home audio systems, the car is increasingly become the consumers’ best audio environment,” he said.  Since the car audio system is relying more on smartphones, car makers want to put their stamp on the system and they are turning increasingly to the car speaker as a way to do that, he added.

In a new report, Strategy Analytics concludes that consumers want and like brand names such as Sony, Pioneer and Panasonic, and it suggests car OEMs should align with “more popular speaker suppliers” to help get new car buyers to step up to a premium OEM system.   The report notes that while Harman and Bose may be leading OEM suppliers, they “are not well-known in the automotive realm or have blind spots in specific regions.”

As noted anecdotally last week,  it’s now official that high end “premium” OEM systems are selling like hotcakes.  Strategy Analytics expects premium audio system sales to double to 18.8 million units globally by 2018.

For the U.S. alone, sales will grow from almost 4 million this year to 5.5 million in 2018.

Many of these systems are simply called “premium” but more than half sold this year will carry a name brand including Harman or Bose.

By 2018, 4.2 million out of 5.5 million total premium systems will carry a name brand.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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