Mobileye 5 Series Delivers Real Time Driving Alerts to Smartphone

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While you are driving, if you drift from your lane or approach a car ahead too fast. your smartphone can display an alert.

Mobileye 5 SeriesMobileye is offering a new version of its aftermarket add-on driver safety system called the 5 Series. In addition to lane departure warnings, crash warning and pedestrian warnings, the new version now lets your smartphone deliver all the safety warnings via Bluetooth.

The new version also automatically controls your high beam lights without disturbing oncoming traffic.

Mobileye says the 5 Series is the “world’s most innovative ADAS [Advanced Driver Assistance Systems] that not only helps drivers avoid and mitigate collisions but also enhances driver experience.”

Most accidents occur because drivers stop paying attention in the 3-seconds preceding a collision. Almost 5,500 people were killed in 2009 from distracted driving crashes and 450,000 were injured.

Mobileye gives a warning during that critical period.  It uses a smart camera and algorithms to detect an imminent crash and other hazards.    It can also read speed limit signs.

The new model is shipping now in 2 versions: the Mobileye 550 at $749 does not include a monitor screen (you use your phone’s screen instead).  The 560, with monitor, is listed at $849.

The company is targeting the “top” 300 car audio specialists to carry the products and says the Consumer Electronics Show marks its marketing push to retailers and expeditors.

“We see a lot of interest from expeditors,” said Mark Friedman, new Exec VP Retail sales.  Dealers will also get a branding kit with banners, lighted signs and in some cases, active displays that call out the features of the product.

Mobileye supplies driver safety products to BMW, General Motors, Chrysler, Volvo, Hyundai and Ford.

Source: Mobileye


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