Advanced Driver Safety Taking Off

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Advanced driver safety features like lane departure warning and adaptive speed control crossed a threshold this year, and are entering the mainstream new car market.

Advanced driver assistance Systems (ADAS) in new cars should near $10 billion this year, skyrocketing to $130 billion worldwide in 2016, said ABI Research.

Sensors have improved and they now cost less. Plus the features have expanded. It used to be that lane departure warning just gave you a simple alert when you strayed over the line. Now it also corrects the lane drift.

Mobileye driver safety systemSome blind spot detectors that are radar-based, now help you park. Imagine that you are backing out of a parking space at the mall and there’s a car coming up your row. The blind spot detector can alert you of the car approaching.

In terms of the aftermarket, we’re seeing more activity in advanced driver safety. Audiovox plans to ship a $599 aftermarket lane departure/collision warning system around early January (originally slated for June). Mobileye’s aftermarket system is shown here.

Source: ABI Research

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  1. John, the aftermarket Mobileye system is a forward-facing camera/processor, so there is no interference with radar detectors or any other devices. It does not emit any kind of radar, sonar or any other detectable output. JAH

  2. I wonder if these new products will interfere with our aftermarket radar detector systems. Audi BMW Mercedes Ford Lincoln and others now report as K band radar

  3. These devices have been available for only a few years on high-line brands such as BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. The aftermarket versions can be added to any car, truck or SUV and can actually be a lifesaver. We handle the distribution for the southwest, and steam is building as more and more consumers find out about them. 888-212-1213 for more info on becoming a dealer.

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