JVC Mobile Gets Android and Gesture Control

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JVC Mobile Entertainment is aggressively pushing Android control for 2012.  The feature can be found on a pair of CD-less decks that ship next month at super low price points and other new car radios.

The CD-less models are JVC’s first, and they will be joined by a third model to be unveiled at CES in January.

JVC Mobile KD-X40
JVC Mobile KD-X40

The leader deck, KD-X40, will carry a $109.95 price, which JVC calls one of the most aggressive prices for the CD-less category.  If you connect an Android phone to the USB port of the KD-X40, you can control the music with the track up/down, play and pause buttons on the deck and you see the songs tags on the radio display.  The deck also controls iPod and iPhone functions (including Pandora) and the deck is Bluetooth ready.

A step up model adds built-in Bluetooth which now lets you control Pandora streamed from an Android or BlackBerry smartphones.  Plus there’s a new “gesture remote” feature.  If you swipe the phone screen left or right you change track up/down.  Trace a “V” or upside down “V” on the screen to change the source mode or the eq settings.  JVC believes the feature is a first for the aftermarket at this point.  The CD-less (mechless)  radio, model KD-X50BT, will carry a $139 price tag. You still get full iPod and iPhone control as well.

Said JVC’s Jacob Hardin, “We felt a need to bring down the price of Bluetooth in the lineup…to get it into the entry level.  The [mechless] radio was a good way to do that.”

Some CD/radios for 2012 are also shipping this month and will also work with Android.  A KD-R530 has the new USB Android control, and iPhone/iPod control with Pandora.   It will be joined by two additional  CD/radios  with Android control that ship this month: the KD-R730 and the KD-A735BT.

Also this month is  a KD-A535 Arsenal version that adds 3 pre-outs, a remote and 2-year warranty.   There’s also a KD-R330 entry level CD with aux-in, detachable face and wireless remote (but no USB and no iPhone/iPod control).

Pricing will be announced shortly.

Also new is a KW-AV50 AV/radio that works with the MotionX-GPS app for navigation. The app displays on the 6.1 inch WVGA screen.  You also get USB iPod and iPhone control, 3 line outputs and a detachable screen plus optional Bluetooth.

Source: JVC Mobile

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  1. Android control has been a hot topic at my retail store lately. I’m curious if these units will recognize and display songs in the same playlists created in the phones or will just place them in one singular list.

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