In-Car Add-On Gives you Email, Kitchen Sink

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Has Got2bWireless nailed an aftermarket solution for email, texting, phoning and keeping up with Facebook and Twitter at 60mph?

It will ship in January a mini LCD screen that lets you perform almost all the multi-tasking in the car you can handle.

Got2bWireless LCD screen shot

The device (the name will be finalized shortly) requires professional installation.  Most of the electronics are built-in, but there’s a separate mic and you get an RF remote controller to grab while driving to dictate a text or place a call.

The LCD (about 2.5 by 3 inches by ½ inch thick) is  expected to sell for $179.99.

A key attribute, is that it promises crystal clear, audible audio for Bluetooth hands free calling and audio streaming.  A second critical feature is highly accurate voice recognition.

It reads back your email and lets you respond by voice.  Then it converts the message to text, punctuates it and sends it.  The same is true for Facebook and Twitter updates. You may send text messages by voice to text, but it doesn’t read your texts aloud to you.

Got2bWireless has been getting some attention for its other 3 Bluetooth add-on devices with similar features.  Sears will carry the brand in 900 stores and Brookstone is picking it up.  It’s already in plenty of specialists and CE stores.

The company decided to deliver an LCD version of the product because people like to see the caller ID for Bluetooth on a true screen, said managing director Tim Suri.“Our accuracy is 99.9 percent in voice recognition.  It’s very robust; better than anyone else’s,” said Suri.   “And our service for texting and email is 99 percent accurate in punctuation and in converting speech to text.” As for sound quality, he said, “People need to hear you and you need to hear them and a lot of products don’t have the robust engine.  We have a powerful amp that pushes out the voice.  Our noise cancellation is superior to anyone else’s.”

The best noise suppression in similar products is 25 decibels, he claims while Got2bWireless provides 60 decibels and promises you can hear clearly in a convertible car  with the top down, going 70 mph (or in a demo car at CES with music blasting in the background).

The company offers vehicle specific harnesses.

Got2bWireless is located just outside of Detroit and holds multiple patents in consumer electronics.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Is there any connection to Apples Suri and the Managing Director Tim Suri?

    Said managing director Tim Suri.“Our accuracy is 99.9 percent in voice recognition”.


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