Cobra, Escort in Legal Battle

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Cobra and Escort are in a legal battle over technology in their new GPS-enabled radar detector systems and specifically, Cobra’s iRadar.

Cobra iRadar app gets 70K downloads, heads to Apple StoresEscort filed a complaint November 11 claiming that Cobra’s iRadar system infringes on two Escort patents.  The suit, filed in the Southern District of Ohio also said that Cobra breached a previous agreement between the two companies.

Then last week, Cobra  filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.   It said it “categorically denies Escort’s allegations,” and that the Escort suit is “groundless.” Cobra’s Sally Washlow said, “The law is clear about the specificity required if you are going to make a claim of patent infringement. Escort’s complaint doesn’t meet the necessary standard and we look forward to the dismissal of Escort’s suit.”

Escort said Cobra violated patents regarding ” the identification and marking of false alerts,” and “the sharing of radar alert information between detectors.”

Escort recently introduced Escort Live, an “anti ticket social network” for radar detectors.

Source: Cobra via Marketwire and GPS Business News

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