KVH TracVision M1 Named Best Marine Entertainment for 3rd Year

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MIDDLETOWN, R.I., Nov. 17, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KVH Industries,
Inc., (Nasdaq:KVHI) and its TracVision(R) family of satellite TV
products are the choice of the National Marine Electronics Association
(NMEA) for the 14th consecutive year. The company’s TracVision M1, the
world’s smallest maritime satellite TV antenna, was recently honored
with its third consecutive “Industry Award” for best marine
entertainment product — the product received this honor after its
introduction in 2009 and again in 2010.

Each year, NMEA members vote for their favorite products in a range of categories, and the product
that receives the most votes in a given category is honored with that
year’s Industry Award. These awards have become a trusted symbol of
outstanding quality throughout the marine electronics industry.

Marine electronics technicians continue to bestow this honor on
TracVision M1 both for its ease of installation and because it opened
up a completely new market for maritime satellite TV.

“The TracVision M1 allows us to put live TV on boats for which it was
previously out of the question financially, or on which larger domes
would look ridiculous,” says Duncan Nevard of Intrepid Marine
Electronics in Stamford, CT. “It weighs less than eight pounds, so we
can literally replace someone’s little flying saucer over-the-air TV
antenna — on the same bracket — with a first-class, in-motion
satellite TV solution. That allows us to bring high-end marine
electronics to a whole new group of boats.”

“We are honored that KVH’s TracVision products have been the first
choice of the knowledgeable dealers of the National Marine Electronics
Association for 14 straight years. These dealers are the ones who
actually sell, install, and teach customers how to use their marine
electronics, so they really know which products do the best job for
their customers,” says Jim George, KVH’s director of sales for
satellite products. “KVH is committed to building highly reliable,
innovative products that boaters want to use. Just as importantly, we
build reliable, rugged, and easy to install products that benefit our
dealers’ businesses and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. We
are committed to providing market-leading solutions like the TracVision
M1 for years to come.”

According to owners of the TracVision M1, KVH is succeeding in their
goal. “As an avid baseball fan, I have always wanted a mobile satellite
TV antenna system to watch various games while cruising or at anchor.
Until recently, two things deterred my purchase of a mobile TV system
— affordability and the size of the antenna dome,” says Bob Ragolia,
owner of the 28′ O’Day sailing vessel Queen Elizabeth. “When KVH
introduced their TracVision M1, the size and cost problems were
resolved. I have anchored with winds blowing 20 knots, with gusts to
35. Despite the boat’s movement, the antenna’s gyros kept up with the
pitch, yaw, and roll. I have only lost the picture one time, and then
only for a few seconds.”

Weighing just 7.5 lbs., the in-motion TracVision M1 is the world’s
smallest and lightest satellite TV system for boats. An all-in-one
solution for DIRECTV(R) on boats, it includes the compact antenna and
exclusive 12V DIRECTV receiver, making installation and adding live
satellite TV to even small boats simple. Once it’s on the boat, the
TracVision M1 offers outstanding in-motion reception, tracking, and
performance typically associated with larger antennas, while fitting
the sleek exterior design of vessels as small as 20 feet. The
TracVision M1’s small size, easy setup, Whisper Drive(TM)motor
technology, and versatile mounting options mean that installation can
be customized to meet the needs of just about any boater, on any

The benefit of the TracVision M1’s ability to help boaters enjoy their
favorite activities cannot be overstated for many owners. “I realized
in the fall that the TracVision M1 has actually given me more fishing
time. I’m an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and missing a Steelers game
on DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package is not an option. I used to stay
home and wait for the game all day on Sundays,” explains Chris Carrara,
owner of the 30′ Rampage Express Machria. “With the TracVision M1, I go
fishing on Sunday and just pop the game on and watch it on my
chart-plotter display from the cockpit. It makes slow fishing days
better, and lets me catch the good fishing days while still watching
the live Steelers game.”

Please visit www.kvh.com/marinesat to learn more about KVH’s
award-winning satellite TV and communications systems for boats

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