Early Alpine, Pioneer 2012 Car Radios Hitting Shelves

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Leading car stereo suppliers including Alpine and Pioneer are shipping a few 2012 low end car radios early, presumably to benefit from holiday gift giving sales.

Alpine CDE-133BTAn Alpine CDE-133BT just began reaching retailers, several retail web sites show.  The CD/radio is Alpine’s first with built-in stereo (A2DP) Bluetooth for audio streaming.  The unit, priced at around $160, also works with Alpine’s iPod adapter.  You get front panel USB and auxiliary inputs, detachable face and a built-in 18 watt RMS amplifier. Pioneer DEH-3400UB

Two Pioneer models are hitting stores soon, say retailers, including one that is on two dealer web sites as the DEH-3400UB at $100.   The basic CD/radio has front USB and auxiliary input, 50 watts peak power built-in amp and detachable face.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. By the way, take a look at the new Fusion 700 marine head unit, nominated for a DAME award in Amsterdam this week. Now that is what I call innovation. Time these guys got into the automotive market and taught their Japanese competitors what user interface is really all about.

  2. I am surprised at the simple, no perhaps better described as crude, form of LCD display on the Pioneer and Alpine head units. Considering the phone displays we have been using for the past five years these NEW head units resemble something more akin to “steam age” technology when it comes to user interface. Am I missing something here ?

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