Best Buy Performs One Million Installs a Year

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A Best Buy spokeswoman confirmed the largest consumer electronics retailer conducts 1 million car stereo installs a year.  And Best Buy says 90 percent of the customers it surveyed say their auto installation was “done right the first time.”

Best BuyThe retail chain has 1,080 stores with installation bays.

Another little known fact about Best Buy is it offers window tinting in select markets. Best Buy also plans to expand window tinting in markets “ where it makes sense,” said the spokeswoman. Window tinting is available primarily in Best Buy’s Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois and Virginia markets.

You may remember that Best Buy launched a West Coast Customs (WCC) line this summer in select stores and on its web site. The company said it plans to expand the WCC line to additional stores.

We asked about plans for Car Toys to create in-store car stereo shops at Best Buy, but the Big Box chain had no comment on the matter.

Despite our pleading and prodding, this was about all the information we could wrest out of the chain on its car stereo plans.

For info on Best Buy’s trial collaboration with Car Toys, click here.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. im sure all u mom n pop guys are super installers with mad skillz yo. oh and assuming ur not certified and have no idea what MECP is because u dont believe in no book smarts we (bby) have more MECP certified installers and offer an actual workmanship warranty unlike the 20+ shops ive seen come and go in my area over my 8 years at this store. oddly enough just before reading this i stepped on a t-tap i had to rip out of a botched alarm install yesterday from some jank a** shop down the street.

  2. 90% of the installs are still out there….unfortunately some are still burning, so it hasn’t been determined if it was installer error or not !

  3. Bestbuy has some really good installers working for them, some have bad ones… you cant knock a big company like bestbuy for having some bad seeds. I actually had to take my car to bestbuy for them to fix a disater install done by chop shop, or should i say mom and pop??

  4. I wonder how many of those 100,000 not done right the first time installs are because of something beyond the installers control, such as the sales staff selling the wrong parts, and the right ones are not in stock etc.

  5. Thats why Best Buy install bay employees bring their cars to ME, to have their stereo systems done right??? I’ve done 3 in the last month! Any idiot can put color-matched wires together for head pop! Installing a SOUND SYSTEM requires knowledge of voltage, amperes, current, and ohms…. They got NO CLUE there!!!

  6. Best Buy is to car audio installation what Dr Kevorkian is to healthcare… do business with them, nothing good could possibly come out of it…

  7. And Best Buy fixes most of the fly by night, mom and pop installs that “tail light warranty” their work. And those BS shop will never have the high of a success rating. Best Buy also employs more MECP Master Certified techs than anyone else.

  8. Are you kidding me or something? Best Buy bragging that they have 100,000 customers a year that the install was not done right the 1st time….If I was them, I would keep that hush, hush !

  9. …so that works out to 2.5 installs per store per day. Wonder how the four installers divide that up?

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