Rosen Headrest Monitor Has iPhone Dock

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Rosen Entertainment will reveal at the SEMA show next month, the first aftermarket headrest monitor to our knowledge that provides a handy top slot to dock your iPhone or iPod touch.

Rosen AV7900 entertainment systemThe AV7900 headrest system lets you nest your iPhone in the headrest where it charges and is able to send video to the headrest screen and audio to the car’s sound system. The iPhone compartment also has slots for a USB drive and micro SD card.

The new headrest system is also unique in that its components—the LCD screen, the DVD player and the iPhone cuby are removable by the dealer. Inside the headrest is a “bucket” that contains the various components. The retailer can open the bucket and remove or add components, so customers get the features they want.

The headrests use 7-inch, high definition screens with improved resolution over earlier models. Each also now comes with 50 built-in games (compared to earlier models with 25). “So those who just want two screens and an iPhone dock still get 50 games,” said Rosen’s Steve Weimar.

The screens also include capacitive touch controls instead of mechanical buttons.

The headrests will ship in January at prices to be announced along with new OE look-a-like (OE replacement) radios from Rosen.

The Piranha series of double DIN factory replacement AV radios include stereo Parrot Bluetooth and 6.5 inch high definition LCD monitors. They provide USB control of an iPhone and iPod and they come with built-in steering wheel controls. Also included is navigation and a back up camera interface with instant on. Shipping is expected December 1.

Source: Rosen Entertainment

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  1. Great idea! This will be more convenient AND force people to be SAFE in their vehicles by using BLUETOOTH, so they won\’t be scrambling to reach for their phone while they are driving! It will literally be more convenient for watching movies and save lives, perhaps even their own! We need more idea\’s like this! Thanks ROSEN!

  2. How about when a call comes in? You have to fumble above your head to try to undock your phone while driving, what could be safer?

    Maybe Rosen just thinks that all 3-year olds have iPhones now. Maybe they do, I don’t know.

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