Apple Expected to Sell 2- 4 Million iPhones This Weekend

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The initial disappointment that Apple failed to release an iPhone 5, isn’t stopping an outpouring of demand for the interim iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4SAnalysts expect Apple to sell between 2 to 4 million of the new 4S, which goes on sale today, said Bloomberg. At that rate, sales would far surpass those of the original iPhone 4 at 1.7 million units during launch weekend.

Apple has already sold out of pre-orders for the phone, with Verizon, AT&T and newest carrier, Sprint, stating they will not be able to fulfill pre-orders immediately, said Bloomberg. AT&T is giving buyers on its site a delivery estimate of up to 4 weeks, up from 1-2 days when pre-orders began Oct. 7. (We preordered a 16GB iPhone 4S from Best Buy through Sprint and were given at ETA of October 31).

Apple has already upped production for the iPhone 4S, reports Taiwanese journal DigiTimes, increasing orders from one factory, Pegatron, to 15 million, from 10 million (between 2 and 2.5 million of those are for this quarter).

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was first in line yesterday at the Las Gatos Apple store in California, preparing to wait overnight, he tweeted.

Apple announced earlier this week that pre-orders of the iPhone 4S topped one million in the first 24 hours, setting a new record.

Source: Bloomberg, DigiTimes, AllThingsD

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  1. LMAO…Why Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak would wait in line for his own phone. What an advertisment gimick.

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