Pioneer AVIC Radio works with Siri on iPhone 4S!

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A lucky West Coast car electronics retailer, whose customer happened to have acquired an iPhone 4s in advance of shipment, has confirmed that the new Siri voice feature works with a Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT (Pioneer’s flagship navigation/radio).

iPhone 4S SiriRon Ocampo, owner of East Bay Auto Spa in Walnut Creek, CA linked the iPhone 4S (which officially goes on sale Friday) to the Pioneer radio, which recognized the phone. And when Siri was activated, it automatically muted the car radio.

“It muted out the radio,” he said. And it automatically deferred to use of the car radio’s microphone and played back Siri audio through the car’s speakers.

The only time East Bay Auto Spa’s installer “had to press the main button on the phone was when he was finished [using Siri],” said Ocampo.

“I was afraid there would be no integration or the radio would default to its own voice recognition,” said Ocampo, who is now hopeful that car radios from other brands will also work easily with Siri.

To operate Siri, the user holds down the main home button on the iPhone 4S. The phone then beeps twice and goes into voice mode. As demonstrated by Apple, you can say, “Text Ron Ocampo” and the phone verbally and visually asks what you would like to say. You dictate your text and it reads back the message and asks you if you would like to text the message. “All you say is ‘yes.’ I went through it and I received a text on my phone,” said Ocampo. Once you press the home button on the phone again, the radio un-mutes.

Ocampo only tested Siri voice text and did not try out voice control over music on the radio.

We asked Pioneer and other suppliers last week if their car radios work with the new iPhone 4S, but have not heard back (probably because they have not yet acquired the new iPhone 4S for testing).

Watch Siri in action on Apple video posted by Thisismynextvid:

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Source: CEoutlook thanks to Ocampo

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  1. This most likely has NOTHING to do with the firmware in the radio, but is more a function of the Parrot Bluetooth stack in the Z130BT. You can do a similar function with an existing iPhone4, hold the button down to get voice command, and it will mute the audio and playback the responses through the speakers.

    Yes, you can’t verbally text someone, but the phone is using the Bluetooth communications protocol to mute the radio and let you speak your commands.

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