First Android Adapter for Car Radio?

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CableJive introduced late last month, a new adapter called the dockBoss+ that converts an iPod dock for the car (or home or portable device)  into one that will work with an Android or BlackBerry phone and other portables.

dockBoss+Until now, Android phone users who wanted to hook up their device to the car radio could use an aux-in cable to play music through the car stereo, but there was no charging capability so the phone was often drained by the time you left the car.

The dockBoss+  charges the phone and plays music through the car’s speakers when used with an iPod car dock.

Some car radios also permit you to control music on your Android/BlackBerry from the radio for simple  track up/down when used with dockBoss+, said CableJive. Only Volkswagen car radios do not work with the $30 adapter.

dockBoss+ (note the plus sign…it’s not to be confused with the standard dockBoss) has a microUSB and headphone jack cable that plugs into the phone or MP3 player. On the other end is a female 30-pin dock connector that plugs into the iPod/iPhone dock.

“We provide the charging connection, the data connection and audio,” said Zack Lombard, a CableJive manager, confirming to CEoutlook the capability of the device in the car.

The dockBoss+ may be purchased from the CableJive web site at Lombard said the company may sell the product through retailers in the future, “if those avenues open up.”

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Would be even better if it would work with a basic USB connection. It is a start but think about all the OEM and aftermarket radios that have a simple USB port on them.

  2. The iPhone set a record yesterday on pre-orders for the 4s. But iSimple has had an Android FM mod aux-in system for a few months now. Little more than a simple FM mod with a usb charger.

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