Remote-Park Car with an iPhone

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First parking assist wowed us and now parking your car from your iPhone tops that.

Valeo Park CNETYup. You exit the car before pulling into the spot (handy in very tight parking spaces) and then the car parks itself with a command from your phone.

Valeo already offers the Park4U system on a VW Sharan, available overseas  and demonstrated the technology at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt this week.

According to CNET, a Valeo representative stood outside the VW and parked it using an iPhone app. The car swung into reverse, turned its wheel and backed in to a narrow space.

Parking assist systems (with the driver in the car, working the pedals with hands off the wheel) use sensors around the car and steering wheel control. These can be found on Ford, Lincoln, Audi and VW models. The Park4U adds remote control of the accelerator and brake.

For more, see CNET here.

Source: CNET
Photo via CNET

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