It’s Not Too Late for True North Promotion

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What are your plans for Saturday, September 24th? If you are not yet planning to participate in our September 24th True North Project charity event, it isn’t too late! Do you have something more important to do than building your business?

1-       Go to to catch up on the preparations to move forward. Our theme is education based causes.Because the Music Matters… For Education!”

2-       Schools are now open nationwide. And everything from after school activities, to sports, to music, and more are financially challenged. Get involved! Make a difference. Be recognized as a concerned member of your community. The cost is LOW to ZERO!

3-       Get your fliers printed, or print them on your copier. Go to the link elsewhere in this message to see a simple MS Word generated ad. Use it, or make your own.

4-       Get your event posted on your website, Facebook page, and anywhere else you do business.

5-       Get the school to help to promote it to other students as well as their families.

6-       Get the local media on board. It’s also free of charge.

7-       Get with your reps and manufacturer partners to supply prizes for any raffles, contests and events that you may decide to hold. Ask for help. They will come through.

8-       Be sure that you register your event with TNP so that you are properly recognized for helping education and our industry!

9-       Call or email with any questions ASAP so that you can pull this off without a hitch! If you need suggestions, ideas, or formatted letters for media or suppliers, reach out!

10-   Have FUN with this! The crowds you can bring in with events like this can bring a smile to your face!

Remember: No one is going to bring customers to your door but you. Sitting around hoping your customers will find you is not a strategy. It is a going out of business plan. The parking lot event is a tried and true proven method of building traffic and attracting NEW customers. Be a part of it!

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Contact Lance or Barry with questions or comments (contact data is on our website, along with lots of free help and advice to hold your event)

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