Watch One of OnStar’s TV Ads

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For all those wishing for more car electronics promotional dollars it’s hard not to be impressed by the scope of OnStar’s new retail FMV campaign that launches Monday.

OnStar's FMV mirror adTV ads will run during The Bachelorette, Shark Tank, Same Name, So You Think You Can Dance, and other shows to promote OnStar’s $299 mirror that brings its service to non-GM vehicles including  Fords, Toyotas, and Chryslers for the first time,

Then an online media campaign launches August 8 and OnStar will also continue its “Real Calls” radio spots depicting true OnStar situations and rescues.

A “Power of the Box” ad invites viewers to enter the safer world inside the OnStar FMV box.

“The campaign is a multimedia experience that connects consumers to OnStar FMV and communicates a whole new world of safety and connectivity that is now available to be added to millions of vehicles currently on the road,” said Sam Mancuso, chief marketing officer at OnStar.

The campaign was created by Campbell Ewald.

Source: OnStar

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  1. Pretty much what I predicted would happen. All advertising seems to be pushing business to BB. Not to mention the lack of communication to the smaller retailer who is also an authorized retailer/installer. We have little idea what is really going on with these things and haven’t heard anything from anyone since we declined to committ to an opening order.

  2. Uh…. it’s an ad for Best Buy?

    This mirror weighs FOUR POUNDS, I cant wait to see the job they do (mounting/not rushing) taking the time to mask and prep, in securing these to customers windshields with the special epoxy and mount, it must stay secure after a crash.

    Wonder how much they’ll charge? $299.00 Plus…. Free Installation?

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