Magellan Ships BackUp Camera for PNDs

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Magellan is now shipping the first back up camera that works with a top brand portable navigation device (PND), it said.

Magellan ships back up camera for PNDsThe wireless  Back-Up Camera is a companion to two  Magellan 7-inch PNDs, but in the future Magellan will supply back up cameras for its smaller PNDs, said the company.

The $149.99 camera attaches to the license plate. When the car goes into reverse, the PND automatically shows the view from behind the car.

It works with the RoadMate 9055 and 1700 PNDs.

The unit includes a transmitter that mounts in the trunk. It’s available at Amazon and other retailers.

The camera was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Source: Magellan

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