12V YouTube Videos Get 4M Views

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Here’s another A+ lesson in promoting from Soundman Car Audio in Santa Clarita, CA. SoundMan runs a homegrown video series on YouTube about life in a car audio shop. The series, called “Amplified” has received 4 million views in its first year.

Car Stereo show gets 4 million hitsBusiness is up 150 percent since May 2009 when the recession his and Soundman’s Doug Bernards said, things “got scary.” He began producing videos and launched Amplified around September last year.

With the plus business from out of town customers and a new online store of iPad car accessories, the shop just moved into a bigger location at 3,500 square feet, compared to 1,000 earlier. It has room for six cars.

New Amplified videos are posted each week and the series has close to 8,000 regular subscribers.

Bernards does all the graphics and editing himself and he gives his installers the camera to tote around during the day for filming.

“It does take a lot of time. We write the articles that are on our Web site. We produce our videos from the intro graphics to film editing. But it’s something I enjoy anyway. …We have to get the video out every week. Even during this move, we were working 12 hours a day and still had this episode,” he said.

So why every week? If the customer gets that Facebook message or tweet that a new video is out, he doesn’t forget you, says Bernard. “It goes back to basic advertising and consistency…if you don’t upload for a few weeks, people forget about you that fast. But if your stuff is showing up in their Facebook….and you keep that consistent, there’s an impression every week,” he said.

Season 2 of Amplified begins June 20th at the new shop, also in Santa Clarita.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Just let the fans know when u take a vaca Doug, so we can let u take a rest here and there but other then that keep the videos coming

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