Ford CEO Admits Sync Glitches

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So here we have it from Ford CEO Alan Mulally that yes, there are some problems with the Sync and MyFord Touch. And Ford will address them in the fashion of a consumer electronics company.

Ford aims to fix Sync “We have just a few issues with some of the newer technologies associated with Sync and MyFordTouch,” he told reporters Tuesday. “It’ll be a lot like consumer electronics where we’ll rapidly bring innovation, but also continue to improve it,” he said according to Bloomberg news service.

A Group VP Bennie Fowler, said Ford is adjusting the Sync system based on the feedback it’s getting from critics.

Only 20 percent of truly new and innovative car radio products survive, we’ve been told, so Ford took a big gamble with the Sync, and it generally paid off.  Also it showed the way for the future of car electronics.

But Ford might want to remember that 20 percent statistic going forward. Emulating consumer electronics companies isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Source: Automotive News

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  1. You bet they have problems with 2011 Sync and myfordtouch. I have a 2010 Fusion and that SW if very stable. My 2011 Ford Edge turns on the radio by itself when any sync function is used , “where am I” reports a Longitude that is 75 miles to the East , the browse function for the sirus radio takes many minutes to load ( if ever ) and if you access it again, it clears itself and starts all over … There is a major TSB that must be installed , however when I went to the dealership they checked and told me it was “withdrawn”. Turns out that the FORD database has been corrupted and now the dealerships cant install any updates… WOW …. FORD BETTER GET IT TOGETHER !!!!

  2. “Ford will address them in the fashion of a consumer electronics company.”

    What exactly does this mean?

  3. I have a 2010 Fusion with Sync, and it works flawlessly, and has for over a year.

    We are about to pick up our 2011 Explorer, and with the addition of MyTouch, we hope to have an even better interface. From other users that have the MyTouch, I think the key is letting the system fully boot up (1+ minutes) before pressing any buttons or trying to use the voice commands. It is a computer just like any other. To swipe a quasi-quote from another Explorer owner on the FB page, you don’t expect your phone, laptop, DVD player, etc. to be ready for use right after you push the power button on them do you?

    I think Ford has done a great job bringing innovation with design, technology, etc. over the past few years. They have won me over from a long time Chevy fan that said I would never buy a Ford.

  4. When I heard that Microsoft was involved in Ford’s Sync feature, I immediately removed all Ford vehicles from my new car shopping list. Looks like that was the right move.

  5. I have a 2011 Explorer, with Navigation system, and consider the MyFord Touch as far from a workable system. Navigation is the weakest link, with a user interface that is very disappointing. Even after a system upgrade, it’s a source of constant frustration.

    Have my Garmin installed on the dash – works flawlessly.

  6. Let me be the first to say that this system has some major work ahead. As an owner of a new 2011 Explorer I have had my car in the shop for over a week now getting the “module” that burned out replaced. I’ve noticed problems when I am trying to sync my Blackberry 8530 to their system , it either freezes, does not recognize it, or takes a while to upload my phone book. The other features seem to be working fine and I am impressed with it’s voice recognition commands, it seems to pick everything I say. I truly believe that it’s lack of responsiveness to the Blackberry 8530 is causing it to malfunction. Who knows? Stay away from the 2011 model and wait for the 2012.

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