Boston Shipping GTA Amps

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Boston Acoustics is shipping six new GTA Series car audio amplifiers that have 25 percent more power, first showed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The line keeps chassis size the same, while boosting power, and hits aggressive price points.

Boston ships 6 GTA ampsTo improve installation, the amps may be mounted without the need for extended mounting feet or tabs to save space.

They come in Class AB and Class D versions and all have adjustable 12dB/octave highpass and 12dB/octave lowpass crossovers and Q-Tune bass enhancement.

There’s also an optional remote level control so you can adjust the subwoofer output from your seat.

New GTA amps include:

GTA-602: MSRP $149.95
2-Channel (60Wx2; AB amplifier)

GTA-802: MSRP $179.95
2-Channel (80Wx2; AB amplifier)

GTA-704: MSRP $229.95
4-Channel (70Wx4; AB amplifier)

GTA-500m: MSRP $229.95
Monoblock (500Wx1; Class D amplifier)

GTA-1000m: MSRP $349.95
Monoblock (1000Wx1; Class D amplifier)

GTA-1105: MSRP $399.95
5-Channel (70Wx4 + 400Wx1; Hybrid AB-Class D amplifier)

GTA-RSL: MSRP $19.95
Optional Remote Subwoofer Level Control

–Lynn Shannon

Source: Boston Acoustics

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