Directed Parent to be Sold for $285M

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DEI Holdings, the parent of Directed Electronics said it agreed to be acquired for about $285 million through funds affiliated with Charlesbank Capital Partners LLC of Boston.

DEI to be soldIf the deal is completed, CEO Jim Minarik and the current management team will continue to lead the business and the company will keep its Vista, CA headquarters and offices in Maryland and Canada, reported the San Diego Business Journal. DEI was formerly majority owned by Rep. Darrell Issa.

The transaction is expected to close in late June.

Source: San Diego Business Journal

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  1. For only $285M, Audiovox should have bought them. How funny would that be? Prestige buying out Viper!!!

  2. Let’s face it DEI is nowhere what it used to be 7-8 years ago. In my opinion the company lost focus and market share every year since then. The market will do what it does on its own merit and balance itself out.Change would be welcome!

  3. So… they paid $136 million alone for Polk Audio… Then there was Definitive, Clifford/Avital, adst (a/d/s, Precision Power and Orion) and a few others. My guess is they didn’t get nearly what they put into the deal.

  4. poor poor representative (cal REP) daryl issah. taking tax money to fix up his beatufil offices in (is it viper, california?) and he will get hit with all these capital gains. how will he dodge paying for for all this.

  5. I was thinking of retiring from my retail biz in a year or two, this may help me decide. One way or the other.

  6. If the investors have ties to the auto makers that could be pretty bad. Let\’s pay a few million for some intellectual properties and just make these guys go away…….. Just a thorn in our side…….

  7. Rob, DEI was purchased several years ago and eventually went public. They has a couple of bad years and their stock tanked. This has essentially shut off their access to capital. This sale will give them new access to capital for future development of products. I see it as a good thing.

  8. Amy – I know you are great a digging:) It would be great if you could find out what DEI is hoping to accomplish with this sale and/or what the purchasing entity is looking to accomplish.

  9. Like they say, one born every minute. Set up for a rude awakening in a year or two.

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