Car Stereo Bill Struck Down on Racial Profiling

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Earlier this month, the Florida Senate voted against a proposal to raise fines for loud car stereos.

The House bill actually didn’t make it out of committee, with at least one Senator stating that it would invite racial profiling.

The Gainesville Sun quoted State Sen. (D) Oscar Braynon, as stating the bill seemed to be targeting a “certain population,” and “I think we’re overstepping.”

During a lively debate, another senator said he feared selective enforcement.

The bill would have designated a loud car stereo as a moving violation that could result in points against one’s license (for multiple offenders).

Car audio bill defeated in FloridaAlready in Florida, you can be fined $30 for a “plainly audible” car stereo from 25 feet away or more.

The new bill would have increased fines to $120 for a second violation within a year and $180 for a third violation. Plus, you could get 3 points on your license for each violation beyond the first.

Source: The Gainesville Sun, Miami New Times

Photo: Not your average sound system. Credit: Miami New Times

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  1. I agree. I understand what they are trying to do but it always
    guys with stereo systems getting busted cars are towed
    then in the pound they are broken into and equipment missing.
    Then you have to sue the village or town to get damages.
    Total BS law not fair. This is a industry employs thousands
    of people around the world and they are forcing the industry
    to loose money with their laws and go out of business.
    time for CEA to start Promoting that we need to vote
    out the people that put up these laws and we as shop owners
    distributors tell our customers and go and vote.
    to let them know we will not lay down for these laws.

  2. I absolutely agree with Ken- there’s a boat shop right down the street from our shop, and they test the motors on them a couple of times a day- you can hear the noise on those motor from over 500 feet away…do they receive any sound violations? Absolutley not…but as soon as we test a system, cops are waiting for my customers to leave my premises so they can issue them a citation. That’s a bunch of B.S.

  3. This is the best news to come out of Florida !!!! My customers are scared to install systems in fear of cops busting them. I have always said that the law was racist. The cops don’t give tickets to A-Holes on Harley’s with straight pipes. Why? It’s mostly white guys on them. The exhaust from those bikes produce far more decibels than any system we can put on the street.

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