AT&T to Sell Garmin Trackers

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Garmin may not have done too well selling nuvifones through wireless carrier stores, but its personal tracker just got picked up at some AT&T stores.

Garmin will begin selling the GTU 10 through AT&T online and at select stores starting May 15. The device tracks pets, property, kids, anything. You can put it in a kid’s backpack or on a pet collar. Then you can see its location in relation to yours on your smartphone or other device. You can also geofence up to 10 areas and then you get a text or email when the person/object leaves the proscribed area.

Garmin tracker at AT&T storesThe GTU 10 is small (3 by 1.5 inches) and waterproof, with a rechargeable battery. It gives you almost a week in battery life in “basic mode” and up to a month if used in “geofence” mode.

It will be available for $199.99, including a year of basic tracking. The service fee is $50 a year, after that. There’s also a deluxe plan with more detailed tracking for an extra $5 per month.

The GTU 10 was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Source: Garmin

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