Jaguar Gets BlackBerry Radio

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Jaguar and Land Rover aren’t going to be left out of the smartphone revolution for cars, but they are pretty choosy about which phones they will allow to work with a new Connect and View system.

Only BlackBerry phones will be able to project the view of the smartphone screen onto the radio screen where you can control music and navigation apps, said CNET.

Jaguary XJ with BlackBerry systemThe announcement of the new BlackBerry system for Jaguar was made at BlackBerry World this week by RealVNC, which is supplying the system along with Denso.

The system uses Terminal mode to project the info from the phone on the radio screen. Terminal Mode is a car connection standard that is gaining wide support from car makers.

There were few specifics on which BlackBerry apps will work on the system which is heading first to 2012 model Jaguar XJs and Range Rovers.

BMW is still the only car maker to allow BlackBerry email integration, said CNET. –Bill Damsky

Source: CNET, RealVNC, Telematics News

Photo of Connect and View system in Jaguar XL via RealVNC

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  1. What am I missing? What do Jaguar and Land Rover have to gain by limiting the feature to only Blackberry phones. If you go through the work to implement Terminal Mode, why not open it to all smartphones?

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