AudioControl to Ship LCQ-1 at $299

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All you AudioControl fans can soon get the LCQ-1–the company’s latest signal processor that lets you add an aftermarket amplifier to a factory radio. The 6-channel device will ship in June.

AudioControl LCQ-1It was first shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and we now know, it will have “an aggressive selling price of $299,” according to AudioControl.

It has AccuBASS to correct the bass roll-off in many factory systems.

You get individual eq controls for the front, rear and subwoofer channels and there’s an input for an optional remote level control with eq switching so you can demo the device. The six channels of active speaker level inputs accept up to 400 watts per channel.

It also gives you channel summing and auto activate and a 5-year warranty.

Source: AudioControl

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