Apple iPhone Sales Soar 113%

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Apple blew past expectations on iPhone sales which grew by triple digits in the recent quarter, but sales of the iPad–the tablet with about 80 percent market share–fell short of expectations.

Still it was another stunning quarter as revenues grew 83 percent and profits climbed 95 percent.

apple iphone sales climb 113 percentDespite limited supplies, Apple sold a record 18.65 million iPhones, beating forecasts of 16 million units. iPhone sales soared 113 percent compared to a year ago during the quarter ending March 26. In the U.S. alone, iPhone sales grew 155 percent in year over year sales.

The company sold 4.69 million iPads in the quarter, less than the 6 million many analysts expected, according to Reuters. “We sold every iPad 2 we could make during the quarter and would like to have had more,” said CFO Peter Oppenheimer during a conference call with analysts late Wednesday. The transition to the newer iPad may have caused some consumers to hold off buying an iPad and the new iPad 2 was released only two weeks before the quarter ended, noted the company.

“Product transitions are never easy and we have to call them many weeks in advance,” said Oppenheimer.

IPod sales declined 17 percent to 9.02 million but beat Apple’s internal expectations. The iPod Touch represented half of iPod sales, it said.

Apple also sold 3.76 million Macs during the quarter, a 28 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter.

Steve Jobs remains on medical leave, “but we do see him on a regular basis and he continues to be involved in making strategic decisions,” said Oppenheimer.

The company would not comment on rumors that an iPhone 5 is due in September.

Apple’s revenue was $24.67 billion for the fiscal Q2 and net profit was $5.99 billion. Geez.

Source: Apple, Reuters

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