Car-Gadget Standard Gets Boost

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We may be getting closer to tightly linking phones and gadgets to the car’s audio system and steering wheel controls.

Alpine, Panasonic, GM, and 8 others launched a group called the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) on Thursday with the aim of pushing and improving Terminal Mode—a car connection standard that has already garnered some support.

Terminal standard adopted by CCC for car gadgetsOther group members include Daimler, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Volkswagen; and also phone makers LG Electronics, Nokia and Samsung.

With the Terminal Mode standard, “mobile devices could be tightly connected with in-car systems such as digital displays, steering wheel buttons, rotary knobs and car audio systems.,” said the CCC. You could control an app on your phone through the steering wheel control, “as if the device and its apps were integrated into the car itself,” it said.

Terminal Mode includes Bluetooth, USB and IP standards.

The CCC will also look at other new technologies for the car including NFC and wireless charging. NFC or near field communication is a short range wireless technology that can be tagged onto objects like a poster or T-shirt. Your phone can then instantly read the NFC tags placed on various objects to pick up information.

The CCC will release its first specification version in the next few months and the first commercial products on this standard will be presented later this year.

Source: Car Connectivity Consortium

Photo via Engadget

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