Verizon iPhone Has Antenna Issues: Consumers Reports

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By Bill Damsky

Antennagate is back. Apple’s iPhone on the Verizon network has a similar antenna problem to the one that caused a small uproar when the iPhone 4 was first introduced on AT&T, says Consumer Reports.

If the phone is gripped in a certain way, it can cause dropped calls or prevent users from placing calls in areas with weak signals.

Verizon iPhone has antenna issues: Consumer ReportsAfter testing the phone, Consumer Reports found when you place your hand against the lower left side of the phone, in what has become known as the “death grip,” it causes a drop in performance.

“The phone performs superbly in most other respects,” it said.

Consumers don’t seem all that perturbed. There is no deluge of complaints to Verizon, said the publication. However, as with AT&T’s iPhone 4, Consumer Reports is omitting the Verizon iPhone 4 from its list of recommended smart phones despite its high rankings on other attributes.

Source: Consumer Reports

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  1. Consumer Reports has been a dieing company for some time now. The only time anyone hears about them at all is when it involved “iPhone”, “antenna” and a phone carrier. It’s all publicity.

    Apple has already addressed this. We need to stop enabling the media about a problem that does not even exists!

    Here is my proof that the iPhone 4 antenna issue isn’t an issue;

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