12 Volt Tidbits

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Ex-OnStar chief praises FordDriver Safety

49 percent of people would be comfortable using a driverless (autonomous) car, in an Accenture study.  That may bode well for the new driver safety products for the aftermarket such as those from  Mobileye and Audiovox.

They study also cited good market potential for car sensors or black box data that can be used to tell if you are a safe driver and then reduce your insurance premiums.   Source: Translogic

Ex-OnStar chief Chris Preuss Praises Ford

“Ford legitimately caught the industry sleeping at the switch when it launched the Sync in-vehicle connectivity system in late 2007,” he wrote in a blog on Autopia. “Not only was it a major leap on the technological front, it was one of the best automotive marketing plays since the Toyota Prius.”

He also says that cars with cellular service built into the dash will grow common when “cellular speeds increase and the cost of service decreases.” When will that be? He doesn’t say. But it’s possible automakers will just include the price of a cellular connection in the price of the car. Source: Wired’s Autopia

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