Directed Reveals 100% Pure Viper, Shopatron

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Directed Electronics is launching a new program called “100% Pure Viper” on February 1 to crack down on Internet discounting of its Viper remote starters.

The company also aligned with Shopatron to help its authorized retailers get a bigger share of Internet sales.

Directed introduces 100% Pure Viper and Shopatron programsIn a memo to retailers last week, Viper introduced both programs.

Under 100% Pure Viper, the company launched a “whistle blower hotline,”—which is really an email address ([email protected]) dealers may contact to report an illegal online auction or a transshipper.

Directed is also now tracking serial numbers of Viper products. It will not warranty any products sold uninstalled or stocked by an unauthorized dealer.

In the past few months, the company took legal action against multiple retailers in violation of transshipping policies, and it is shutting down thousands of illegal online product auctions a month, it said.

But since the Internet is where much of the business now takes place, the company also instituted a new program with Shopatron that starts mid-February.

“The Internet is not going away, and over 80 % of consumers first shop at the manufacturer’s site before searching for the product online. We want to capture these consumers…” it told retailers. So using Shopatron software it will let consumers buy from its Web site but the product must be shipped to a local Viper dealer where it may be picked up by the consumer. (Product will NOT be shipped directly to the consumer. And Directed won’t warranty it unless the dealer installs it).

Directed said in the memo, “We have set up extensive criteria for Viper dealers to become part of this program, and we are only allowing retailers to join that meet these criteria…”

President of Directed Electronics Kevin Duffy confirmed the memo and said that visits to Viper’s Web site have increased 158% over the last 2 years. “We have been trying to find ways to convert the increased consumer traffic to our Web site into increased floor traffic for our specialist retailers. Shopatron will help make that handoff seamless.”

Duffy said to expect additional retail programs this year.

Earlier this month Shopatron announced that consumer electronics stores using its service saw same store online sales grow 83 percent year over year in Q4, including a 109% increase in December.

More than 15 CE brands including JL Audio use Shopatron.

One more note: Viper offers up to a $2,500 refund on your insurance deductible if your car is stolen in the first year after you buy a security system. Directed told retailers it will increase that guarantee to $5,000 if the consumer buys both a Viper security system and Viper Window Film in a combo package.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Most consumers don’t have the knowledge to PROPERLY install anything in their own vehicle, never-mind an alarm or remote start system. You said it yourself
    “Abe2k1”, take it to a local dealer, but if everyone only buys on the internet there will be NO local dealers, & like “Cyrus” says you will normally end up paying the same or a higher price tag to get it installed. Shops can not live on labor alone! When I install an item I sell, you receive the warranty on the item & labor. If the item I sell you fails, I remove it & replace it at no charge. If your item fails, I will check it, but will not remove it, replace it , re-install it without there being a charge, & now you have to ship it & deal with your own warranty issues. Your local dealer will take care of you if you purchase the items they sell, GUARANTEED!!! Support local businesses, there are what keep our economy going, not big box stores & the internet. Good luck getting “GOOD” customer service from some internet jerk, that may or may not even answer your phone call! DEI equipment is the price it is because it’s not JUNK, It’s good quality & dependable. The only problems I have EVER had with DEI equipment is when people bring it to me for an install & have purchased it from the internet. All the pieces I have sold & installed work great! Good Luck!

  2. Abe2k1 your stupid you have to understand that 200.00 for a viper 350 alarm includes installation. It includes keyless entry, door trigger, impact sensor, parking light flash, siren, trunk pop, trunk pin and hood pin. The normal time a shop will charge for you to install the same unit if you brought it in would run between 2 to 3 hours of labor. We charge 60.00 per hour so you would end up paying between $120-180 to have your item installed. Now factor in that you bought the Unit for $75-80 online just because you thought you were getting a good deal. You just ended up paying more and getting NO WARRANTY. The industry is hurting due to online sales and we do need to police it better. I am an authurized dealer. I am one of the last ones in my area many shops are closing down due to lack of business. Support your local car stereo shop a good customer will always be welcome back and will get the best prices.

  3. I think that this would be a good idea IF everybody had the money to pay outrageous prices that Directed is asking. Think about it, most Viper alarms START at $199. That does not include installation or extra parts needed. If you shop for it online, you can get the same product model for much cheaper than retail and install it yourself (if you have the knowledge) or pay a shop to install it cheaper because its just the labor. In other words, if Directed can have it built in China for 1/10th the price, then why charge the American consumer 10,000% mark up as we see in retail?
    These days of recession, even though its reported that we are out of the recession, us consumers are looking for the quality products at a cheap price; or same reduced price before the price hikes. Directed Electronics and others need to look at it from the consumers stand point rather than the greed in their minds. Keep the prices low and people will by your product. Hike up the prices and make outrageous rules, people will not buy your products.
    I for one will continue to buy online and forego the warranty from the manufacture as long as I can buy a SquareTrade warranty and still be protected.
    Greed gets you a one way ticket to Hell and alienates your buisness from consumers. Just think about it…..

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