Audiomobile Returns to 12V Specialists

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The Audiomobile brand is returning to the aftermarket for the first time in years and will make its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show with a line of subwoofers.

Audiomobile Returns to Car Audio at CES with subwoofersThe company—now owned by Nevada based investment group, AMG, Inc—will target its subwoofers to “elite” car electronics specialist retailers.

Audiomobile subwoofers will range in power handling from 500 to 3,000 watts RMS at prices starting at $199 up to $3,000. They boast proprietary speaker technology, modular and compact motors and low distortion.

VP sales and marketing Matthew Overpeck says the line will combine high technology with old school distribution integrity.

At CES, Audiomobile will display at the Palms Palace.

Source: Audiomobile

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  1. If he can stay off the forums they may have a chance. Last time around most of the buyers of Audiomobile were heavily entrenched in all of the various 12 volt forums. Matt had a way of stirring up trouble that definitely cost the company business. I personally think that their subs were very good. I owned a pair of Mass 2012s that sounded great and got really loud.

  2. Round 2? Wonder if Overpeck will drive this version into the ground as well. I guess his ability to do that has been neutralized a bit as he’s only VP of Sales instead of President.

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