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DICE is introducing a new car kit for BMW called the DUO that adds Sirius satellite radio as well as iPod/iPhone and other features.

And because the DUO is updatable via USB, it will be able to work with Livio Radio early next year as well as future versions of Sirius satellite radio. The kit is available at about $189.

The DUO focuses on sound quality with a signal to noise ratio of 90dB with 20-20kHz frequency response at less than 0.1% THD.
DICE notes that Sirius capability, plus HiFi quality and USB updatability are unusual in kits from $120 to $200–where 80 percent of vehicle specific OE integration kits are found.

The kit also uses Apple authenticated chips so consumers won’t get any “funny warnings” when they try to connect their device to the BMW car radio, DICE said.
Source: DICE Electronics

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