Rosen Adds iheartradio to Car Radios

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Rosen Entertainment said it will add Clear Channel Radio’s iheartradio—with access to 750 radio stations–to its car radio lineup.

Rosen adds iheartradio to car radiosRosen will phase in iheartradio capability during Q1 2011 in its line of factory look-a-like radios with navigation. They will include a built-in interface for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices to link wirelessly via Bluetooth to the radios. Then users can control the ihreartradio app on their phone from the radio screen.

The iheartradio app lets users save their favorite stations (out of hundreds of local AM/FM and other stations). You can set the app to automatically play a favorite station when the app is launched anywhere in the U.S. You can toggle between favorite stations. The Rosen AV/navigation radios (offered for over 50 vehicle applications) will display album art from iheartradio songs as well as control the app from Rosen’s 6.2- to 8-inch screens.

The Rosen radios also give you navigation with over 11 million points of interest. You get a DVD player and Made for iPod interface, built in stereo A2DP Bluetooth, Sirius satellite radio interface, and a virtual 6-disc CD/MP3 changer for storing music in the radio. You also get USB and SD ports, a quick install harness with steering wheel controls, dual zone controller and back up camera and rear seat screen capability.

iheartradio radio stations include AM/FM channels plus commercial free stations. They also include channels programmed by celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Weezer.

Source: Rosen Entertainment

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