DICE Offers Internet Radio Car Kits

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We don’t have Pandora car kits yet, but DICE Electronics will soon have Livio Radio-ready car kits.

DICE will offer Livio Radio Internet Radio access to 42,000 stations in a new car kit series called DUO and it has updated its MediaBridge kits to offer Livio Radio, as well.

Livio Radio basically aggregates thousands of stations from all over the world and applies a simple user interface so you can search through stations by genre and other criteria. You can then create presets for your favorite stations on your phone’s screen.

With an iPhone app and Android app (coming soon) on your smartphone, you can play, control and display thousands of stations through your car radio when your phone is connected to a DICE DUO or MediaBridge kit.

Because the kits are both user updatable via USB, DICE can add the Livio Radio capability through a firmware download that should be available in Q1.

In addition, the new DUO, which adds Sirius, iPod/iPhone and soon Livio Radio to a BMW, will soon be offered in other vehicles including Toyota, Honda, Nissan (for the first time from DICE), Mazda and Audi at $189.

Source: DICE Electronics

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