Livio Radio’s Plug and Play Car Internet

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Livio Radio offers a plug and play way to get Internet Radio in the car.

It’s new Carmen is a $60 device that stores up to 45 hours of Internet Radio on a module that plugs into your cigarette lighter. It also has a built in FM transmitter so when you plug it in, the Internet Radio stations play through the car’s sound system. The device has a display and buttons to advance to the next song, rewind and fast forward. It comes with a remote which lets you change radio channels.

To load up the Carmen with Internet Radio you plug in a USB cable, attache it to a PC or Mac and starting recording from up 42,000 stations. You can leave it on your PC all night and then bring it in the car to listen to a night’s worth of Internet Radio. It can also work with your smartphone to play music through the car radio. And you can drag and drop songs from iTunes to the device from a computer.

In two weeks, the device will get a software update so when it’s plugged into the computer, it’s instantly recognized for instant recording.

Carmen is now sold through, and other stores but the company is targeting car electronics stores, as well.

Livio Radio plans to introduce other car products at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, said CEO and founder Jake Sigal.

Source: Livio Radio

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