Car Stereo TV Ad for Holidays: MESA

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The Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA) buying group has launched an animated holiday TV commercial that is available to its retail members.

MESA is calling the 30-second ad and its companion promos, “the first complete marketing campaign for the independent retailer.” Watch it here:

“Many of our members have always wanted to run TV ads but by the time they spent $10,000 to $15,000 producing a commercial they would have no budget left for running it,” said MESA executive director Ryan Gunter. Through MESA, the ads are now affordable to specialists.

With theme of “Not So Silent Night,” the commercial is accompanied by a 60-second radio spot and other in store point of purchase materials and web banners.

The group hopes to produce 3 or 4 such ad campaigns a year. “We will be focusing on themes like amps and sub’s, Dad’s and Grad’s, security, remote start, Back to School, etc. This will build a library of promotional materials and TV and radio commercials that our members will be able to pull from whenever they need to,” said Gunter.

MESA recently added its 21st retail member, Sound Waves of Parsippany, NJ.

Source: MESA

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  1. Yeh! What’s the CHEAPEST THINK YOU GOT ; I refer to this as the wal-mart mentality. These adds feed the frenzy! don’t worry about he quality just the price! Don’t worry about how well it will be installed-we just slam them in, the way you like it and want it CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP….oh buy the way that lifetime warr.–well we won’t be in business next year anyway so don’t worry about that.

  2. I completely agree with what Barry said above, this ad campaign focuses on price point, and is essentially the exact same as a big box ad without the big box brand awareness. Wheres the part about the service that can be provided by the MESA member store? Or the part where a message is put out there that price is not the only factor? Not only the above things but no offense meant by this but the ad is a little too cheesy to really entice today’s buyer into making that choice to go to an independent or big box store. Just my 2 cents.

  3. So the only difference between a 12 volt specialist and a big box retailer is NO DIFFERENCE! Is that really the value proposition? Or have we abandoned that?

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