Audiovox Shows 1st Blu-ray Player for Car

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It was bound to happen and here it is: the first Blu-ray player for the car. Audiovox will ship the $349 device at a target date of July.

The supplier also announced it won CES Innovations awards for 3 products including the Blu-ray player, a new back up camera that has pedestrian detection and a remote start/security add-on system.

The Blu-ray player is aimed at families with large libraries of Blu-ray discs at home who want to use them in the car. It comes with a front panel USB input and IR remote.

It measures about 8 by 7 by 2 inches and may install under the seat or elsewhere including the trunk. It connects to a car monitor via HDMI, composite or component outputs, and plays both DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Audiovox’s new MultiView Cam back up camera is billed as the first to give you both audible and visual alerts for pedestrian detection. Also due to ship around July at $299, it gives a range of different views behind the vehicle including the ability to “peer” around corners to avoid pedestrians or bicyclists. When you back out of a parking space in the mall, it helps avoid a collision with a car coming down your parking row.

The CAM430MV beeps audibly when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected and also shows a visual color coded warning in green, yellow or red to display how close the pedestrian is to the car. It will be offered through CE retailers and car dealers.

A third new Audiovox device, just now shipping, lets you add remote start or security to a car with keyless entry, without requiring a special key/transmitter at $279. You can use your car’s standard key fob to control remote start and security.

All were shown at CES Unveiled in New York City last night.

Source: Audiovox

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  1. This is a grand idea and for some installations of 19″ LCD Monitors or larger will defiantly be worth it, but for this to be a big seller, you are going to have to have the support from the manufactures of all the Headrest, Flip Downs and In-dash units to put HDMI or Component inputs on their monitors. With out them, and only a Composite Input, you might as well save the $200 and buy a normal DVD Player for the car because you aren’t going to get 1080P through a Composite Input.

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