Borders Discounts eReaders to Sub-$100

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Borders is sweetening deals on eReaders ahead of the holidays.

The bookseller is discounting the Kobo eReader by $30, which brings the price down to just below $100. And the Aluratek Libre eReader is also available at $99.99 through November 15.

There’s also a $30 discount on the Velocity Micro Cruz eReader with Wifi bringing the price down to just below $170.

And a $25 gift card is available when you pre-order a Velocity Micro Cruz tablet (7-inch) for $300.

Borders is also giving away 5 free eBooks with the wireless version of the Kobo eReader at $140. The books include “Slow Death by Rubber Duck” by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith; “Soccernomics” by Stefan Szymanski; “Phantom of Pemberley” by Regina Jeffers; “Eye of the Raven: A Mystery of Colonial America” by Eliot Pattison; and “Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America” by John Avlon.

On Sony Readers, the Touch and Pocket, Borders is offering a free cover. And the bookseller is discounting all its eReader accessories by 20 percent.

Source: Borders

Photo: Kobo eReader

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