iPad Rival Samsung Tab is $400 with Sprint

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Of the four carriers that plan to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab, arguably the nearest rival to the iPad, Verizon was first to announce a price for the device of $600 without a contract.

Sprint today announced it will undercut that plan, and sell the Galaxy Tab at $400, but only if you purchase a 2-year contract. Reports say Sprint will also offer an alternative plan with no contract and a $600 purchase price (like Verizon). It appears Best Buy just put the Tab on presale at $599 without contract.

Sprint will begin selling the Galaxy Tab on Nov. 14, three days after Verizon. And it will support the the device with “substantial” advertising, said The Wall Street Journal.

Wireless carriers may prove key retail destinations for tablets this holiday season as both Verizon and AT&T will also carry the iPad.

Source: Sprint, Engadget, The Wall Street Journal

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