1st Phone App for Any Remote Starter

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Auto Page announced at KnowledgeFest the C3 Hybrid–the first smartphone app+ module that can work with just about any remote starter or security system.

The C3 Hybrid lets your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone control functions such as door lock/unlock, remote start, vehicle tracking and security.

It will offer digital and analog connections to work with at least some features on the bulk of remote start and security systems. More information on the smartphone app + electronics module will be revealed by the Consumer Electronics Show, with a release due in Q1 2011.

Also new from Auto Page are 2 Data Start remote start/security combo modules that are among the first to offer a no-wire installation in push-to-start vehicles. The units work with a separate data module that eliminates the need for hand wiring.

The Auto Page DS-915 can remote start the car or operate security features at a range of 1-mile range from the car and the DS-434 has a range of 1,200 feet. The units are each about the size of a thick credit card. They have true metal case transmitters with multi-color displays. Pricing will be announced by CES and shipping is planned for early 2011.

Source: CEoutlook

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