First iPod Out Kit Debuts from DICE

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DICE Electronics is the first aftermarket company to use Apple’s iPod Out feature that lets a car radio screen become an identical mirror for the iPhone or iPod touch screen. And iPod Out also lets the radio control the Apple device.

The feature will be available in an updated DICE G2 cradle that will let you watch movies from your iPhone/iPod touch on any aftermarket car monitor and many factory screens. You nest the iPhone/iPod in the cradle, which has AV output and which comes with a full remote for control of the iPod Out features. The new G2 cradle should be available around January for under $100.

Specifically, it works with an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS4.1 (Apple’s updated version of the iOS4 that debuted this spring). It can connect with any car screen with video inputs.

DICE is also previewing a new car kit that goes beyond the usual iPhone/iPod add on capability. The Silverline DUO adds a USB hub to your car system plus Sirius satellite radio, in addition to an iPhone and iPod connection for under $200. The kit comes with a remote control and will ship before the holidays. It’s offered in vehicle specific editions for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and BMW. Kits for VW and Audi will follow.

Previous DICE Silverline kits only offered iPod and iPhone integration.

Source: DICE Electronics

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