Dual Adds Products for Specialists

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Dual Electronics is preparing a number of “up featured” products to debut as prototypes at KnowledgeFest next week.

And since these products will require the kind of salesmanship and demonstration found at the specialist retailer, Dual is moving more aggressively into car AV specialist retailers, although it is also retaining its distribution to national and regional chains, it said.

To court specialists, Dual created a new sales team to be led by Jamie Walt VP sales. Dual also hired Matthew Gonzalez as a new NE regional sales manager for the team.

Dual’s co-founder Clyde Podraza will focus on national accounts and products such as Dual’s portable GPS cradle for the iPod touch.

“Most of our distribution was in large regional and national accounts. We want to build our distribution down deeper into 12 volt specialists,” said CEO and president Jim Braun in an interview.

The company plans to use the technology in its portable XGPS300 GPS cradle for the iPod touch to create additional accessories. And it also plans to build the GPS cradle technology directly into head units.

A new Dual deck would include a dock for an iPod touch/iPhone as in its current XML8100 radio shown here, but it would also add a black box and antenna for GPS. The solution would let you add GPS to a radio for a low extra premium of $100. The user docks his iPod touch or iPhone in the radio, and controls the GPS functions via an app. He gets verbal turn-by-turn directions with street name pronunciation.

Dual says it was able to weather the recession without layoffs and its now preparing for growth when the economy improves. It’s Korean parent Namsung has expanded R&D in connectivity in the car and now the U.S. team is expanding into specialist retailers.

It is also working on car stereo products with voice recognition, new user interfaces and improved LCDs. Some of the new products will appear as prototypes at KnowledgeFest in Dallas next week and they will be introduced over a 9 month period starting this fall.

Dual is also developing Mobile DTV (ATSC m/h) products.

The company also hired Joanna Lukins as the new director of marketing.

Source: Dual Electronics

Photos: (Top) Jim Braun Dual CEO and president, (Bottom) Dual XML8100

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  1. What kind of specialty retailer is going to put this in their store? You sell your product at Wal-Mart..enough said.

  2. Really? Just like many other brands out there, they spout rhetoric about wanting to support the specialist when we all know that they will take the first purchase order a big box/national chain gives them.

  3. Imagine that; There are some companies that see the value of the Specialty Retail market! Jim and his team are to be commended for their recognition of the specialist and what we can bring to Dual. You are about to join what is an increasingly elite group. Best of luck!

  4. A search turns up absolutely no reviews of Dual products from the past two years. Why is that?

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