FLO TV Exit Confirmed

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FLO TV parent Qualcomm confirmed it is suspending the sale of FLO TV devices to consumers.

It will continue to keep the FLO TV pay TV programming running until Spring 2011 for those who already own a FLO TV-ready device (including some cellular phones). When it stops service it “will make appropriate refunds,” with details to be announced.

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Qualcomm Pulls Plug on FLO TV

Bad news here on FLO TV. Qualcomm will shut down its FLO TV paid TV service by the end of the year, and Audiovox is expected to stop selling its car stereo FLO TV tuner system.

Several key car audio Web sites have taken down their FLO TV car audio products from Audiovox.

The Web site paidContent is reporting that FLO TV employees were informed last week by Bill Stone, president of MediaFlo and FLO TV that the pay TV service to portables and car devices—will shut down by year’s end.

We were informed by two reliable sources that Audiovox is contacting retailers asking them to stop selling FLO TV equipment. Three sources said that customers will be offered a buy-back on the Audiovox equipment by Qualcomm and they will be given a partial reimbursement on the fees they paid for the TV service.

The actual FLO TV service is expected to continue to operate until March/April 2011, said two sources.

An Audiovox spokesman said the company had no comment on the matter at this time.

Check CEoutlook for more news on the topic.

Source: paidContent.org and CEoutlook

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  1. A Rep, I usually don\’t respond to people that are so insecure they have to hide behind an alias. First of all I\’m not a retailer and my opinion is based on experience. You say \"Had a customer been properly educated on what they were getting, could afford it, might have bought it\". Sounds like the proverbial Would\’ve, Could\’ve, Should\’ve. Another bit of advice is to collect your thoughts before spewing forth on public forums. Bottom line is it failed and if it was as great as you claim then the execution was poor.

    By the way, I love your passion for the industry when you say \"Mobile Electronics is a dying market anyway you look at it\".

  2. So A REP, you are telling us, that with all the millions and billions invested and lost, its demise was the fault of the retailer? First off, when a consumer with a little bit of common sense can see that he can get a sling box and have it stream to the computer or phone… worldwide…. well someone marketing was asleep at the wheel.

    I can go all day long about this, but with an industry that is looking for the cheapest product, how to side step the dealers, and no real marketing strategies, do you honestly believe anything will succeed?

  3. You guys are clueless. You have no idea what you are talking about. RAYSAT was just that SAT! They had no channel partners so they failed for that reason and also who the hell would put that stupid looking turtle shell on their car. They had NO MONEY and bought the rights to use at&t for an ass load of money. That didn’t help either. FLO is and was a great concept but released at the wrong time. Everyone of you sold analog TV tuners back in the day and customers loved it. For your info Mr. Goodman, the service was terrestrial transmission on Channel 55 tower (nation wide) that went dormant last year. FLO WAS NEVER designed to be sold for cross country viewing. It was designed for local viewing within the customers home market. Every TV station involved saw the value in this technology. Billions were lost because of your lack of knowledge to sell it. Had a customer been properly educated on what they were getting, could afford it, might have bought it. Your skepticism as a retailer caused this to happen. Just as any technology fails. Millions were spent on market research and Billions on the technology. So if it were “so stupid” then why are your local TV stations spending $150K each to broadcast their shows for mobile viewing? So when local mobile TV hits the market, don’t invest in it either. Jackass! Mobile Electronics is a dying market anyway you look at it.

  4. After the Cruise Cast mess. I wasn’t about to try FLO TV until and unless it ever looked solid. “It’s Audiovox, how could you go wrong? “Is what the rep said.
    Cruise Cast – It’s AT&T. How could it go under….. yeah right.
    We already got screwed out of about $2000.

  5. The AT&T/RaySat had a much better shot at the market and failed. Not sure what these guys were thinking? The coverage sucked and retailers were scared to invest. Recipe for exactly what they got.

  6. What a shock! Let’s see, Consumers must purchase new hardware for extremely limited programming. Is this a formula for success? In this age of streaming AV with ubiquitous WiFi Hot Spots and Cross Country Wi Max on the horizon, I think not. Didn’t anyone learn from AT&T/RaySat fiasco of last year?

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