Toshiba Finally Aims Tablet at U.S.

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Toshiba has been late to jump into the tablet market. But finally there’s word that a Toshiba tablet will head for the U.S. and Japanese markets next year.

While the company has been showing off a Folio 100 Android tablet aimed at Europe, the mid East and Africa later this year, it has excluded the U.S. from its tablet plans until now.

An engineer at the company told the Dow Jones Newswire to expect the U.S. tablet to run on Android but he allowed no further details. The product may or may not use the Folio 100 name.

Toshiba’s Europe-aimed Folio 100 tablet was announced in September at the IFA show in Berlin. It has a 10-inch screen, runs on Android 2.2 with WiFi, 1.3MP camera, Tegra 2 processor, 16GB of storage, SD card slot and HDMI output, according to reports. It will release in Q4 at 399 euros or about $512.

Source: Dow Jones via Fox News

Photo of Toshiba’s Folio 100 tablet aimed at Europe via Engadget

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