Car Stereo Reality Show Debuts

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Well, it’s not on the Discovery Channel yet, but a car reality show by SoundMan Car Audio in Santa Clarita, Calif., is now on YouTube. You may remember SoundMan as one of the first shops to install an iPad in the car.

Some of SoundMan’s iPad videos get 200,000 hits each on YouTube, so we’re not surprised the shop is ready to produce its own car stereo show. The name of the series is “Amplified: The Reality of Car Audio,” with two “webisodes” already on YouTube.

Doug Bernards of SoundMan says he started the show to promote installation because there’s too much attention on products and sales. “Customers are focused on finding the product for the lowest price on the Internet. They don’t really think about the service side. So by producing a web series, we are hoping people will be introduced to the way a good shop does things…” He also hopes that while customers are on the Web researching products, they’ll stumble upon his YouTube clips and learn why installation and service is important.

Additionally, said Bernards, “We hope to get customers interested in developing a relationship with their local stereo shop. Back in the day, a customer would be friends with the guys at their local shop and trusted their opinions, and depended on them to give them the system of their dreams. And Internet retail takes that away to a certain extent.

“Also… Car audio enthusiasts don’t really get a chance to see how a shop operates. And there are a lot of people out there who live and breathe car audio. So I think our web series gets people excited about the industry and inspires them to get more involved,” he added.

A new “Amplified” webisode will be posted every other Monday at 10 pm, said Bernards.

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