Kno Super Tablet Gets Financing

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Kno, which is developing a dual-screen eReader/tablet that made a splash at the AllThingD conference in June, is on track for release at the end of the year. It has secured $46 million in financing from a venture capital firm led by Marc Andreessen—a member of Internet Royalty that helped found Netscape and has since invested in Digg, Twitter and other mega successful ventures.

Andressen told TechCrunch that Kno’s dual tablet will be “the most powerful tablet anyone has ever made.” Kno’s device has dual 14.1-inch screens with touch capability. It will have a price tag less than $1,000 and is aimed squarely at the college user. It will let students purchase textbooks and view them just as they appear in printed form. Students may take notes on the screen and draw on the pages. They can also access their eTextbooks across many devices such as a PC or laptop as well as the Linux-based Kno. In June Kno said the battery life of the device will be about 8 hours.

Source: TechCrunch

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